editor presentation : G-Lock EasyMail has 3 editions – Free, Personal and Business – what makes this mailing list software very economical. While you have a small email list, you can use a free edition of G-Lock EasyMail as long as you want. As far as your list grows, you can invest either into the Personal or Business edition which provide you with more powerful features and capabilities. An Free version can be converted into a Personal or Business version by entering a valid registration code.

  • Most Cost Effective and Reliable Email Marketing Software
  • Track Your Email Campaigns in Real Time
  • Test Different Email Versions with Unique Split Testing Capability
  • Send Directly to the Database without Import-Export
  • Load Large Email Lists Just in Seconds
  • Support of Unlimited Number of Groups and Custom Fields in the Address Book
  • Design Your HTML Email Directly in G-Lock EasyMail
  • Greet Your Recipient with a Personalized Message
  • Scheduler Your Email Campaign for Any Date or Time
  • Get Rich Email Delivery Reports
  • Handle Your Bounces with Built-in Bounced Manager
  • Support of External Scripting Languages
  • Backup and Restore Your Workplace with a Mouse Click
  • Download at No Charge

See differences between EasyMail Free, Personal and Business Editions


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6.60 (build 1510)
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
22.28 Mb

Note: G-Lock EasyMail is designed for Windows PC’s and is not compatible with Apple Mac’s. However, some users have reported success running this bulk email sender on their Mac through Virtual PC We have not tested this ourselves but you may wish to try it if you only have access to a Mac. Also, you may be able to run it if you have Mono installed

Language Pack for G-Lock EasyMail 6

The default installation of G-Lock EasyMail includes the translation of the program interface into 6 languages: English (default), German, Spanish (International), French, Italian, and Portuguese (European).

If you want more languages, download an install this Language Pack for G-Lock EasyMail v6.

The Language Pack includes the translation of G-Lock EasyMail interface into the Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Argentina) and Turkish languages.

However, the translation to the above languages is fulfilled 70% only. If you’re willing to correct and complete the translation to any of the listed languages, or would like to translate G-Lock EasyMail interface from scratch to a language that is not listed above, we would be glad to offer you a FREE license for G-Lock EasyMail Business edition (the regular price is $349) in return.

Download Language Pack for G-Lock EasyMail v6

G-Lock EasyMail additional dictionaries

Here you can download additional dictionaries to check spelling of your emails:

British Italian Spanish Danish French German German-NEW Swedish Finnish Polish Portuguese Norwegian