Editor presentation : Emryn GrafxShop© is a free, powerful, image and photo editing, page publishing and web authoring software for Microsoft Windows®. The aspiring artist can effortlessly create high-impact, stunning graphics and web pages. Users of all levels can enjoy the small footprint software application. The package consists of GrafxShop - Image Editing (new), GrafxPage - Page Publishing, GrafxWeb - Web Authoring, GrafxShow - Slide Shows, GrafxShop FTP and GrafxShop Scan

GrafxShop :: Graphics Shop

GrafxShop (aka Graphics Shop) FAQs

  • How can I create templates of selections?
  • Save the Selection(s) that you have created through Menu - Selections, Save to Disk (Shortcut F7). Once Saved, you can always load the templates from Menu - Selections, Load From Disk (Shortcut F8)
  • How does one create multiple selections in one image?
  • Choose the selection type and holding the SHIFT button draw the selections on the canvas. Holding the CTRL button down, you can create Complex and Composite Selections.
  • How does one change the image compression for JPEGs and PNGs
  • Set the Preferences from Menu - File, Preferences (CTRL+R) or the Preferences Button in the Tool Bar. Follow the instructions on the screen. You can also chose File Associations in the Preferences Dialog.
  • How can I split the image into HSLV components?
  • Menu - Images, Split, HSV Color Split. For RGB splits, use RGB Color Split.
  • How do I center the image on the printer?
  • In Print Preview, all options are on the Preview Toolbar.
  • How do I resize the image on the printer?
  • In Print Preview, all options are on the Preview Toolbar.
  • How can I make selections with Vectors and Layers?
  • Select Vector Drawing on the Image. Menu - Image Vector Drawing (Shortcut - Shift+Ctrl+V) or Vector Toggle Button in Toolbar. The selections are listed in the Left Side Panel.
  • How do I type text in the Image?
  • There are two ways to add Text to Images. One through Layers and the other directly through selections. From the Selections Drop Down button, select Text Selection. Enter the text and a Selection with the text outline will appear on the image. Uncheck the Lock option on the toolbar to position the text selection. Use a Line Draw or a Brush to color the insides appropriately.
  • The other option is to Select Vectors Menu - Image Vector Drawing (Shortcut - Shift+Ctrl+V) or Vector Toggle Button in Toolbar. Select the Text Object from the left sidebar. In the right side, select Text Tab and choose the font, color and angle. Type the text directly on the image. Click on the select vector object button and select the text layer. Change the colors, borders from the foreground and background selections. You can even add transparency, shadows etc.
  • How do I blend text in the Image?
  • See 9.
  • Can I load Paint Shop Pro and PhotoShop Images?
  • PSDs can be loaded from the File Open Menu.
  • Can I create templates of the vector layers?
  • Yes. And, you can save them Menu - Vectors and Layers, Save in GrafxShop Format to save the template.


1. When using floating text - ensure you have the 'lock' unchecked for correct positioning of the marquee.

2. Use Ctrl to crop a selection - If you have a selection on screen, draw another selection holding the Ctrl button down intersecting the previous selection at some point - the resulting selection will crop the common intersection area. Similarly use Shift to add a selection.

3. Running a screen capture of an active window - ensure the window is right behind the GrafxShop window instance.

4. GrafxShop opens a separate instance when you open a new file. In case something goes wrong with this instance, you will see the other instances are still up and running. You do not lose - ALL - which maybe the case with many Image Editing programs.

5. If you plan to use the same selection of an image over and over again - save it to disk. Next time, load the image and load the selection.

6. Try and use equally sized images while blending. Otherwise, use the crop option to remove unwanted image portions.

7. The remove redeye option unlike other Image Editing tools does not replace the eye. It removes unwanted red. However for light brown eyes, this may cause make it appear gray in color.