Worst case scenario for a PC user is the data loss. Only a small error at the read-write head of the hard disk is accidentally dropped a relaxed laptop, a house fire or a short circuit on the PC and the saved data is lost: E-mails, photos, music, videos and important documents. To safeguard against disasters such data, a regular backup of all important data with a reliable software is essential.

Functions of Ocster Backup Pro 4.0
* Fully Automated Backups: Specify the data to be backed up in the interval, the program does the rest
* Tell your password secure backups: encryption algorithm chosen.
* Several options for saving the backups: on external hard drives, USB sticks, the local network and the Internet (additional cost) is possible.
* Compression of backups: intelligent compression, to keep backup files small.
* Schedules: Set yourself if you create a one-time or continuous backups.
* Incremental backups: When continuous backups are stored only the differences from the previous version to save disk space and bandwidth.
* Auto Pause: If you need the full power of your PC, Ocster Backup Pro pause the backup.
* Outlook Backup: Backup mails, appointments, tasks and settings from Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later.



After the download has finished, install the program. Note you will have the option of selecting English or German during installation as the language for the program.

  • After installation has finished, run the program. You will be promoted to register the software. Click on "Register for Free":