Logiciel licence gratuite Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced -boîte à outils complète d'optimisation PC

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le mercredi, février 2, 2011, In : optimisation Windows 

Offre promotionnelle  licence gratuite du logiciel Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced qui est ine boîte à outils complète d'optimisation PC.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 est une boîte à outils complète qui fournit tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour nettoyer, optimiser, régler et gérer votre PC.

Vous pourrez utiliser le Nettoyeur de disque pour supprimer les fichiers superflus.  L'optimiseur de registre permet de détecter et supprimer les traces des entrées de registre, et Internet Cl...

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logiciel gratuit - BitDefender Antivirus 2010 en licence gratuite promotionnelle

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le lundi, novembre 15, 2010, In : security 
Le logiciel BitDefender Antivirus 2010 en licence gratuite promotionnelle jusqu'a demain .Il vous suffira de suivre les indications en suivant le lien suivant :
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Logiciel gratuit EMCO MoveOnBoot 2010 licence gratuite

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le vendredi, octobre 29, 2010, In : utilities 

EMCO MoveOnBoot permet de déplacer, supprimer ou renommer des dossiers au prochain redemarrage de votre ordinateur. Ceci peut être très utile si les dossiers ou fichiers que vous devez traiter sont verrouillés, et ne peuvent pas être renommés, déplacés ou supprimés tandis que Windows fonctionne.

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Logiciels gratuits - licences gratuites sur le site Licence-gratuite.blogspot.com

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le lundi, octobre 25, 2010, In : security 

Le logiciel en offre promotionnelle gratuite en ce moment est :

Logiciel gratuit McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus 2010 – anti phishing - Offre promotionnelle licence gratuite

caractéristiques du logiciel :

    1 Recherche securisee. Lors de l'utilisation des moteurs de recherche populaires comme Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL ou Ask.com, des évaluations de sécurité de SiteAdvisor s'affichent en regard des résultats de recherche.

   2 Coffre-fort Parcourir. Lors de la navigation, un petit b...

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WildBit 5.8 2010 Free - All In One – Editor Viewer Slideshow Converter

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le vendredi, juillet 30, 2010, In : photos images 

WildBit Viewer is compact & fast image viewer with slide show and editor. Eye catching interface within blazing fast folder, file list and thumbnail viewer. Viewer includes also Image Info with Image EXIF meta data JPEG and TIFF support and IPTC (IIMV4) information (like PhotoShop file info) from JPEG and TIFF, Thumbview has changeable views, sorting and thumbnail predefined sizes for fast thumbnail size setting.


   WildBit Viewer also includes shell toolbar, you can drop yo...

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DevVicky Word 2010 Complete and Free License

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le mercredi, juin 9, 2010, In : office 

Editor Presentation :DevVicky Word is a stable, feature-savvy word processor unbound by a proprietary file formats. Besides handling an equally impressive number of file formats, DevVicky Word's feature set includes everything one would expect in a modern word processor, plus numerous ground-breaking and advanced features allowing it to compete with many proprietary word processors successfully.

Features :

1- A familiar interface
2- Outstanding file import and export, with support for DOCX...

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Web Resizer V 1.06 2010 – Free Image Resizing Software -XP VISTA SEVEN

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le mardi, mai 25, 2010, In : photos images 

Editor Presentation : Web Resizer was made to convert and downscale common graphic format such as JPEG, PNG, WMF, TGA and so on… to standard web graphic formats i.e. JPEG and PNG for browsing friendly size.
When you are using this kind of software (image viewer or image resizer or some kind), perhaps you have experienced that once you select a folder it contains many big images, your application is not responding or your application is freezing.
Possibly you have a lot of Mega pixels images...

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Update bundle Irodio Photo and Video Studio V 1.2.0 2010 License Free

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le dimanche, mai 23, 2010, In : photos images 

Editor presentation: Irodio Photo and Video Studio is an easy to use, integrated, multimedia application for all your digital photo and video editing and management needs. Irodio combines the functions of a photo browser, viewer, image and video editor - everything you need for manipulating your digital photos, from archiving to correction, printing, and generation of slideshows, web albums, and even calendars

Supported OS
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Microsoft® Windows Vista®
Microsoft® Windo...

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IE Commercial Remover 2010 - xp vista Seven 32/64 bits

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le lundi, avril 19, 2010, In : utilities 

IE Commercial Remover is a simple small application that can add a wide range of servers to IE's restricted zone sites.
This prevent the servers to communicate with IE. The result is that no banner or other commercials (flash etc) will load from these sites. - It is all done with
one click. The application does NOT come with an installer (it is not required) - Simply run the file, and click on Add Filter to IE, and you are done.


GD Software

Language: English
Platforms: Windows XP, Wind...

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HomyFads Clothing Organizer 2010 Free Apparel Wardrobe Management

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le lundi, avril 12, 2010, In : utilities 

Free Apparel & Wardrobe Management Software

HomyFads Clothing Organizer is an easy-to-use virtual wardrobe software, letting you categorize, browse, comment and search your collections of apparel and accessories.

It helps you keep all your apparel collections in sight, allowing you to always easily select the most appropriate items from your closets.


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SunlitGreen Free Photo Editor enhancer 2010

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le dimanche, avril 11, 2010, In : photos images 

SunlitGreen Photo Editor is a free, lightweight yet powerful photo enhancer and editor.

  • Drag and drop to open photo files
  • Photo viewer with easy-to-use zoom tools
  • Editable and savable image selections
  • Automatic color corrections
  • Advanced, channel-oriented color corrections
  • Previewable image adjustments
  • mage filters for creating special effects
  • And many more...


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BatchBlitz Free Batch Edit Photos 2010

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le samedi, avril 10, 2010, In : photos images 
BatchBlitz lets you batch-process your photos using customizable actions. You can save your action settings to a task file and reuse it later.

Actions allow you to filter source files (using regular expressions, for example), rename and convert images, as well as add watermarks, resize/rotate canvas, apply automatic color corrections, etc. The instant preview will give you a better idea of the actual effects.
In a typical batch processing task, you simply select some source images, specify w...

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Free G-Lock EasyMail V 6.6 2010 Multi Language for webmaster

Posté par freeware web 2.0 le mardi, avril 6, 2010, In : webmaster 

editor presentation : G-Lock EasyMail has 3 editions – Free, Personal and Business – what makes this mailing list software very economical. While you have a small email list, you can use a free edition of G-Lock EasyMail as long as you want. As far as your list grows, you can invest either into the Personal or Business edition which provide you with more powerful features and capabilities. An Free version can be converted into a Personal or Business version by entering a valid registratio...

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